One head down.

I had to (temporarily?) shut down the proxy to The Pirate Bay I had set up some time ago. Reason is that I’ve received a Cease & Desist letter from BREIN, a dutch anti-piracy NGO, and I need to figure out what I should actually do with it.

Briefly, BREIN has managed to get the dutch court impose the providers like XS4all and Ziggo to prevent access to TPB, and later managed to force the Dutch Pirate Party to shut down their proxy; so obviously they don’t really like that the sites listed on are working this around either. So they’ve sent letters all around asking to shutdown the pages. If not even the servers. I also suspect that my provider (3ix) has been approached, and hence attempted to shut down the page on their own initiative without even having the kindness of letting me know.

I’ve asked around for some advice, like the US and International Pirate Parties and of course they guys at as well, and most of them are pretty confident that, especially since neither me or the servers are Dutch, I shouldn’t care. But to be honest I don’t have time to get sued, so better play on the safe side for the moment while I seek some proper legal advice on the case.

Should I turn it back up, I’ll keep you updated. For the moment, please use any of the other proxies listed on

3 thoughts on “One head down.

  1. This is simply a bullying tactic
    as its not them corporations whom make the internet what it is today it is infact us people whom join to become a collective and share….

Note something down here. Put some effort into it.