Vento dolce.

So long I’ve betrayed memories and jokes, and time was so spleening. Three by three I saw strange creatures passing by with cruelly sad eyes, and space began to shrink along my sides and grow in front of me. And I still know that you can go ahead, as you don’t deserve the naught of who surrenders.

I remember when you knocked. I was lonely, and floating, over moving satin. I touched you, and you caressed my little soul. I stared at you, and you moved around, making me spin, enjoying the centrifugal force, suffering for the centripetal constrain. I remember when you knocked. Again. And everything around me exploded, with bright lightnings and stars.

And I keep walking along this sweet tale,
while the narrator ties up the veil
and drags me along.

7 thoughts on “Vento dolce.

  1. I always look around searching for something that i might find interesting and most of the time I find little or nothing, and then sometimes I find things like the one you just wrote.

    It was beautiful.

    Aria )O(

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