Random Linux Geekery, issue 1: Migrating from Transmission to Transmission-Daemon on XBMCbuntu.

After using XBMC on top of an Ubuntu installation for a while, I’ve decided to rather reinstall everything using XBMCbuntu. As the name suggests, it’s basically the same thing, with the difference that this distribution is aimed at using XBMC as the only application on X session (= no GNOME on background), and strips off many packages that you’re most likely not going to use in a media center.

XBMC is indeed autonomous enough, and has pretty much everything you need from a media center, as well as some extras even. One of these is a very nice add-on that controls a running instance of Transmission remotely via RPC. The problem is that it’s not easy to get Transmission running locally. My solution is to use transmission-daemon, which is running on background with a very little consumption of memory.

I assume you know what Transmission is, but in short: it’s a very nice BitTorrent client. I’ve been using it for years and I loved it. The problem is that Transmission stores the data locally (in /home/user/.config/transmission/), while transmission-daemon uses something different (in my case /var/lib/transmission-daemon/info).

Another problem was that, when I wanted to troubleshoot this application, I realized it was not logging anywhere.

Long story short: this guide will show you what I did, and some of these points will probably help you with your own little struggle it working.

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